Since today was a holiday and we had some time free, Michele and I took our road bikes out for a spin. We found the Gen. James A. Van Fleet Trail on the web, and while it’s about an hour drive from our house, it’s a long, flat trail with few people and practically no street crossings. So we were able to get in a 40 mile ride today.

I recently discovered that the Garmin running/cycling GPS watch I’ve used for the last couple of years can upload its data to their web site. So now I dump all my data in periodically, and you can see a map of where I’ve been and how fast I was going (here’s today’s ride). It’s too bad I didn’t realize this sooner – the watch only has detailed GPS coordinates to hold several weeks worth of activities, so all my marathons and half marathons got reduced to summary information like the date/time and the overall speed and length. But it’s nice to know this feature is there, and I’m uploading on a regular basis now.