The Walt Disney World Marathon was today, for which Michele and I have both been training for over six months. We both finished and got medals (everyone who finishes gets a medal). Michele finished in a little under 5 hours, and I finished in a little under 6 hours. We each were planning to finish about a half hour sooner, but the combination of large crowds on the track (there were about 18,000 people racing today) and the heat slowed us down.

This was our first marathon. I’m not sure if we’ll do another; we both promised not to decide that until well after we were done with this. I’m very proud of both of us, and also to be finished with the seemingly-endless training program. Finishing this race, even with a slow time, is the greatest physical achievement of my life. I remember when I was a pudgy kid in junior high that I couldn’t even run one mile. And now I’ve run over 26!

We took pictures with our phones during the race, which I’ll post later. There’s a lot to see on the course, which goes through all the Disney parks. But for now, I just got a shower and I’m off to bed.