Michele and I just got back this weekend from a week-long trip with friends to South Beach. We had a great time, although there’s no way I could live there because I’d go broke. Drinks were $10-12 for a mixed drink, and about $15 for a martini. Parking at the hotel was $30 per day!

I can’t get over how late everything stays open in South Beach. The bars are open until 5AM on weeknights, 7AM on weekends, and I’m told that there are some after-hours clubs you can go to after that if you’re still conscious and thirsty. If you show up anywhere before, say, 11PM, there’s hardly anyone there. One of the first restaurants we ate at was across the street from a 24-hour deli, complete with a full bar. Now that’s service.

I took a relatively small number of pictures, and they’re on my site.