SETI@home at FedEx

There are several SETI@home teams within FedEx. Our team, FedEx-Open (the blue line in the below graph), has already surpassed all but one of the other teams. You can see our progress here as we try to pass the only remaining team.


Our progress

Based on the performance of all these teams over the last few days, here are some statistics:

Team Name Work units per hour Date we catch them
FedEx-Open 0.00
FedEx 0.00 caught them
FedEx-ITD 0.00 caught them 0.00 caught them

Much of our recent progress is thanks to the setibot user, which runs our custom floppy-based Linux distribution. Click here to see the current number of nodes where setibot is running right now.

How you can help

You can help us by joining the SETI@home project . Here's what to do

  1. Download and install the SETI@home software.
  2. Click here to join the FedEx-Open team.
  3. Let your computer spend its idle cycles searching for aliens.

To maximize your computer's performance in SETI@home, we suggest the following if you run Windows: